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Girls Day Out: Wine Tasting

My good friend, Allie, was in town this weekend so of course we had to get together. What did we plan on doing? Wine tasting, of course. Allie and I are, what one would call, oenophiles. An oenophile is a lover or connoisseur of wines. We were looking forward to this day for weeks. After Yelping numerous wine bars in Orange County, this quaint wine bar in Downtown Fullerton caught our eyes: The Twisted Vine. 

The Twisted Vine is a hidden gem. We grabbed a table next to the front window to get a little more light and get away from the noise of the birthday party table. Their menu isn’t too large but we still had a hard time deciding what we wanted. To start off, we both ordered the Winter Whites Flight while perusing what food to get. (Note: I am not a professional wine sommelier.  Allie and I are simple oenophiles who enjoy our glasses of wine.)

Winter Whites Flight – $15

2014 Trail Marker, Colombard | Green Valley Sonoma – This wine was very light and crisp. I’ve never had a Colombard before so this was new and interesting. The dry bitterness does sit on the tongue quite a bit so at this point we were rushing to decide what to eat. I ordered the artichoke flatbread and Allie ordered the antipasto salad. Allie told me when tasting wines you’re supposed to drink them in order. I did not know that.

2014 Albert Bichot, Chardonnay | Chablis, France – The Chardonnay tasted like every other Chardonnay I’ve had before. Again, this wine was very thirst quenching so we were digging into our meals quite a bit. At this point, the Colombard was going to our heads, we were catching up on life, so I didn’t pay much attention to the taste of the Chardonnay. 

2013 Waterfall, Albarino | El Dorado, California – I’ve never had an Albarino before but this one was my favorite of the three. I found the sweetness very appealing to the taste buds because it dilutes the dryness of the wine. This was the perfect end to finish off our flights. I’m interested to try other Albarinos and will keep an eye out for one next time I’m at the store. 

This girls day was exactly what the doctor ordered. It is important to take a break and treat yourself every once in a while. Making time for people who are there for you will never go out of style. Although I will say I wish I paid more attention to the taste of the wines. There is always next time. Allie has been a great friend to me. It was very nice to catch up with my girl while doing what we do best. 

Which do you prefer: red or white? What are some of your favorite wines? Leave your suggestions and comments down below! 



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